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Girl Scout Troop 354
Calendar of Events
Calendar of Events
Recent Events Page

Here we'll list events and activities scheduled for the next couple of months. Check back often to stay up to date.

September 2005

Thursday, 15th - Meeting at Plavan
Saturday, 24th - Nut Sales start
Thursday, 29th - Flag Ceremony at Back to School Night

November 2005

Thursday, 3 - Meeting at Plavan
Friday, 4 - Nut Booth Sales begin (day and time to be annonuced)
Thursday, 17 - Junior Badge Blitz

October 2005

Thursday, 6 - Meeting at Plavan
Wednesday, 19 - Meeting at Polly Stecyk's house 7pm - 8:30pm
Friday, 28 - Overnight at Newport Beach Scout House

December 2005

Thursday, 1 - Meeting at Plavan
Tuesday, 6 - ??Holiday Singing event at City Hall??
Unknown - ??Christmas Carols at Retirement Home??
Thursday, 15 - Christmas Party Meeting

Flag Ceremony - We need at least 4 girls in full uniform (including patches and badges swen on to the vests) for all flag ceremonies. Our prefrence is to have 6 girls or more if possible. Please let Kim Anderson know by 9/15 if your daughter is planning to have a full uniform or not. If we have more than 6 girls with uniforms we will draw names for flag ceremonies.
Back to School Night - We will be providing the flag ceremony for back to school night at Plavan. We'll need the girls to arrive 30 minutes before the PTO meeting for some practice.
Meeting At Polly's - On Friday, 10/28, we'll be having an over night at the Newport Beach Scout House with the Cadette Troop 2616 (Bayli's troop). We're hoping to have a meeting at Polly's(2616 leader) house on Wednesday, 10/19, so we can learn how to perpare as a troop for an overnight event. Menu planning, Schedule, ect.
December - Right now we have December wide open. We're hoping to fill in the question marks soon. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.